Bindoon Open Mic Night March 2018

When the wonderful Ezer Eve pointed me in the direction of Bindoon Primary School’s Mango Festival this St Patrick’s Day as somewhere to share my love for music with a crowd, I was so excited I didn’t even think to check out the rest of this small town’s community events-clearly a mistake on my part. Courtesy of the festival’s main organiser, Barni Norton, I was invited to participate in an event cherished by this beautiful country town and its incredibly welcoming community.

The Bindoon Open Mic Night is a monthly occasion attended and cherished by musicians and friends from all walks of life. It was immediately clear when I walked in the door of the Town Hall that this event was more in a performer’s league, with an impressive stage, stunning lighting and the somewhat humorous seating arrangements-a characteristically laid back set up of couches which certainly helped calm my nerves following my set. Performances are organised via a cute little chalk board where you write your name in whatever time slot you like. Generally each performer gets a four song set, but as with many musician-organised events it really is a very relaxed and flexible affair so little changes aren’t a problem!

Each and every one of the sets was unique. From covers to originals, from Irish acapella to classic country, from pretty pop songs to good old rock and roll ballads-no matter the genre, every single one of these people was positively glowing with talent and passion, the two things guaranteed to captivate and hold the attention of any audience member. On top of that, the night’s attendees were all such awesome people in general-everyone was so gracious and supportive of me from the moment I stepped on the stage, and I left feeling welcomed and appreciated.

Overall I most definitely enjoyed my time in this little town and will certainly return for another open mic night with these brilliant people.